What is a home?

park 002aWhat is a home? Or rather, what is my home? What is the home I’ve created for my family?

I thought about that this past weekend when we went to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Tennessee. They had just moved into a new home last month.

There are lots of sayings about home. “Home Sweet Home.” “A man’s home is his castle.” “Home is where your heart is.” “A home is built with love and dreams.” But the one I like best I heard in a song by Michael Card, and this weekend I was reminded of that song.

My sister and her husband live near the Virginia state line, where the landscape consists of grassy meadows and rolling hills. During our visit, we went to look at some cabins at a nearby campground. The cabins were situated next to a river, and in the stillness all you could hear was the water tumbling over the rocks.

What a peaceful place, I thought, and then I remembered the chorus to Michael Card’s song Home. The first part of the chorus goes like this:

Home is a comfort and home is a light
A place to leave the darkness outside
Home is a peaceful and ever full feeling
A place where the soul safely hides.

This is what I want my home to be. I want it to be a peaceful place — much like that cabin by the river, where my family can come to feel safe and secure, wanted and loved. I want my home to be a place where someone can escape from the struggles of this life, “a place where the soul safely hides.”

I don’t think our home is quite there yet. But it gives us a good goal to work towards, as we learn as a family to love and appreciate each other for who God made us to be.

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