Telephone Charades

TelephoneMy niece introduced us to a fun party game last week that’s works well if you have a group of people who want to play. It’s a combination of telephone – the game where you whisper something to someone, and then they whisper it to someone else, until it goes all the way down the line – and charades, where you act out a word or phrase.

We divided up into two teams, boys vs. girls, with about 5 or 6 people on a team. Team members line up one behind the other. The first team member is given the word or phrase to act out. The second team member watches the first, trying to guess what the word is. All other team members face away from the first person so they can’t see what’s going on.

When Player #2 thinks he knows what Player #1 is doing, he turns and taps Player #3 on the shoulder. Player #3 turns around, Player #1 sits down, and Player #2 begins to act it out for Player #3. When Player #3 thinks he knows the answer, he taps on the shoulder of Player #4. Player #4 turns around, Player #2 sits down, and Player #3 begins to act it out. The game continues down the line in this manner until the last player is tapped; he watches the previous player, then says out loud what he thinks the word is.

It was so much fun – and so funny!  We watched as the other team turned “plunging a toilet” into “riding a horse.” Our team turned “a melting snowman” into “building an igloo.” The best part is, all ages could play; we had “actors” from age five on up. And since we didn’t keep score, there was no pressure at all.

So if you’re looking for something to do at your next party – give telephone charades a try. My guess is you’ll be laughing long before anyone gets it right.

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