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Adventures in Odyssey

000101Several years ago, when we were traveling home from visiting family, my niece loaned us some of her Adventures in Odyssey cassette tapes (okay, it was quite a few years ago!). We listened to them on the way home, in no particular order, and we were all hooked.

Adventures in Odyssey is a radio story series created by Focus on the Family. It takes place in the fictional town of Odyssey, with many of the episodes centering around John Avery Whittaker and his ice cream shop called Whit’s End. The shop is designed to be a place kids can come to create, explore, and use their imaginations.

Adventures in Odyssey first aired on the radio in 1987, and the original characters were soon joined by others. Besides John Whittaker (Whit), listeners get to know Connie Kendall, who works at the shop; Eugene Meltzner, a techno-whiz with a big vocabulary; Jason, Whit’s son; Tom Riley, a farmer who becomes mayor; Bart Rathbone, the owner of the electronics store; Rodney Rathbone, his son and a gang leader; Jack, Whit’s friend and the owner of an antique store, Wooton Bassett, a mailman who secretly writes and draws comic books; and many others, including all the kids who visit Whit’s shop. As the years passed, these characters grow and change, learning important Biblical lessons about forgiveness, friendship, grace, prayer, truth, actions and consequences, trusting God, and more.

We continue to enjoy the stories (now on CDs, too!), listening to them not only in the car, but sometimes at bedtime as well. If you’ve never heard an adventure, check with your local Christian station to see when they are on the air. You can even listen to the stories online at www.whitsend.org. Give it a try, and enjoy an Adventure in Odyssey!