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Time for Re-establishing

After lots of traveling over Christmas and New Year’s, we had our first quiet week at home this week. Our co-op did meet on Monday, so that day was full, and Tuesday the girls had music lessons, but that was all we had on the calendar. And, for a few days our car was in the shop, so I couldn’t have gone anywhere anyway. I had anticipated getting a lot done, including unpacking from our trips, putting away the Christmas decorations, and cleaning the house.

But the house is still a mess and the Christmas tree is still up. Instead, this was the week of re-establishment.

First, we had to re-establish our school hours, and it took a couple of days before the routine was set again. Some of that time was also spent looking for workbooks that somehow disappeared. One math book is still on the loose.

Then we re-established the daily chore plans, including the “before breakfast” and “after school” lists. After several weeks of letting daily chores slip by, it’s nice to have some helping hands with the housework again.

Because adjusting to school and chores again can be tough, we had to re-established the “No Whining Rule.” That one was a little harder and involved a few more tears, but it’s coming along too.

We also re-established the “Video and Computer Games May Only be Played on Saturdays” rule. We set up this rule about a year ago when I felt the boys were spending too much time at the games, and it works well for our family. During holidays, however, it’s an easy one to bend, especially if they get a new one for Christmas.

Looking at the state of our house this week, one (especially my husband) might wonder what we did at home all day. But we did work at some hard things, and the year is off to a good start, even if the house isn’t. 🙂

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Plugged In Online

Last week, a new IMAX theater opened about forty-five minutes from our home, and to celebrate, theater-goers were offered free movies and popcorn during the first week. (patrons could give a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation). We took advantage of the opportunity to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3-D. While my children had seen it before on video with their dad, this was my first time watching it. Though it was fun to watch on the huge screen, it wasn’t one of my favorites (nor my kids’ favorites), so I was glad we didn’t pay full price.

I find myself often thinking those same thoughts after watching a DVD at home — I’m glad we didn’t spend money to see that one in the theater. And with movie prices so high these days, I’m also glad we’ve found Plugged In Online.

Sponsored by Focus on the Family, Plugged In Online is a movie review site that covers both older films and new releases. The information you’ll find there includes: a summary of the film, the positive elements, the spiritual content of the film, sexual content, violent content, crude or profane language, drug and alcohol content, other negative elements, and finally the reviewers opinion.

The information on Plugged In is detailed and explicit, allowing parents to know just what to expect in a movie they are considering for themselves or their children. For example, in the review of Brendan Fraser’s new movie Furry Vengeance, every crude or possibly crude phrase used in the film is noted, as are the racial stereotype jokes and toilet humor. From the description on Plugged In, I know that’s one film we’re not going to see, even on video.

You’ll also find reviews on the site for music, television shows, and video games. So before you spend any more money (or time) on entertainment, check out Plugged In. You’ll be glad you did!