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Destination Imagination

This past weekend, we headed to the University of Tennessee Conference Center in Knoxville to watch three of my nephews participate in events with Destination Imagination. My sister first told me about this organization last year, so this year we went to see what was involved and how it all worked.

At this regional level, there were quite a few different events students could participate in, and the top performers move on to the state contest. My nephews were in a drama contest in which each group had to come up with a mystery skit and props.

Before the competition, the students were given a list of famous detectives to research. Armed with only this information and miscellaneous craft items to make props, they waited for their turn to perform. They were then given the name of one of the detectives they had studied, three different movie genres, and a superstition to investigate; all of these had to be included in the skits. They worked for the next thirty minutes to put it all together into a six-minute play. Then, right before they performed, they were given a surprise element they needed to include as well. The students had one minute to figure out how to include it, and then the play began.

I was impressed with what the kids came up with! Each group had about five to six people who had to work as a team to pull it all together quickly. All of the team members performed a part in the play. And they had to present their skits before an audience and three judges.

There were other challenges as well, and groups from any type of school, whether public, private, or homeschool, could participate. I came home from the trip and searched the website for the Destination Imagination events in our area – I think we’ll get together a group for next year!  (Destination Imagination — www.idodi.org.)