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SHPlaceOfBusGrocery4A friend at our co-op is known in several grocery stores as “The Coupon Lady.” She spends quite a bit of time following the sales, and for her efforts she saves a huge amount of money on her family’s weekly food bill. Inspired, I asked her for some tips. She did something even better — she had a class in her home for any interested moms to show us how she does it.

I used to use coupons long ago, and now I’m using them again. With the help of some couponing websites (southernsavers.com and hotcouponworld.com), along with the grocery store websites, I’m starting to save a lot of money. I love looking at the bottom of the receipt now to see how much I’ve spent compared to how much I’ve saved.

To clip the coupons, I’m following my friend’s recommendation of laying out multiple newspaper ads and clipping identical coupons all at the same time. What I haven’t got a handle on yet, though, is how to sort them quickly. And with the big pile of unsorted coupons on my desk, it shows.

I thought I’d work at it late at night once a week while watching a favorite movie. By that time, though, I’m usually too tired to think about coupons. Several people have suggested I put the older children to work at it, which sounds like a good idea — I just need to take the time to teach them how to do it. I think once I’m caught up, weekly sorting won’t be too hard — it’s because I have so many to sort right now that it’s become such a chore.

But all in all, I think I’ll stick with couponing. We’re enjoying foods we don’t usually buy, and for half the price!

Looking Forward to a New Year


A new year has all the promise of a fresh start, and there are quite a few areas I’m going to make a fresh start in:

De-cluttering my home: Of our family of six, we have five “collectors” — all of us but my five-year-old gather things faster than we get rid of them. So, our house is full of stuff we might use someday, and it’s time to pass it on to someone who actually needs it.

Managing money: I have a household budget I keep track of, and most months I end up with more month and less money. I enjoy listening to financial teachers, though, such as Dave Ramsey, and over the past year and a half I’ve learned a lot. This is the year to put it into practice.

Taking a Day Off: It’s easy to fill the weekend with all the things that didn’t get accomplished during the week, but everyone needs a day off to rest, regroup, and get ready for the week ahead. Sunday is a good day for our family to relax, and I want it to be a day we can enjoy together. So after church and a light lunch, we’re instituting a family game afternoon — and having fun.

Eating better: I’ve read many health/nutrition and diet books over the years — now it’s time to implement them! This is our year to eat right and get fit as a family; maybe even Luke will learn to love vegetables!

Keeping in Touch: While I can keep in touch with many friends and family members through the Internet, some friends don’t get online very often. This year, I’m going to set aside a certain time to write to them. This year, they’ll know they’ve been in my thoughts.

These are a lot of good changes — ones that are do-able and will bring good results if I stick with them. The best part is, my children can work on them right along with me, and we’ll all learn as we go. What are your goals for the new year?

Hannah Help Me!

100_5898A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, my daughter Cassie turned our local public television station and came across a show called Hannah Help Me!  She later relayed to me the contents of the 30-minute show, and I began to wish I had seen it with her.

Hannah Help Me is a reality mom-makeover show in which author and lifestyle expert Hannah Keeley comes to the home of a mom in trouble and gives her tips and strategies to help her succeed. (Hannah is actually a homeschooling mom of seven herself.) She helps moms organize their homes, create schedules that work, or regain their self-confidence. The day Cassie was watching, the show featured a homeschooling mom who needed help structuring her days in such a way that she could not only teach her children at home, but work part-time while keeping the house clean as well. Although she didn’t think to call me to the T.V. to watch it with her, Cassie did tell me most of what Hannah had told the mom. The ideas were great!

Hannah Keeley also has a website with even more for moms. You can sign up to receive her free no-stress e-cookbook featuring 30 recipes all under ten dollars. Articles on the site include tips on health and beauty, family and children, home and garden, money management, and marriage, and self-improvement. You’ll also find recipes for everything from appetizers to salads to main courses to desserts. And you can glean even more tips from Hannah’s blog. You can find it all at www.hannahkeeley.com

We don’t watch a lot of television during the week, but Hannah Help Me! is a show I’m really enjoying. I’m finding lots of good advice and inspiration — now, if only I could fit into my supermom suit! 🙂