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An Attitude of Thankfulness

When my oldest was small, the Veggie Tales movies were just starting to be produced. One of my favorites is Madame Blueberry. In the video, Junior Asparagus sings this chorus:

Because a thankful heart is a happy heart!
I’m glad for what I have,
That’s an easy way to start!

For the love that He shares,
‘Cause He listens to my prayers,
That’s why I say thanks every day!

I remember thinking how great the lyrics were — so simple, yet so true. I would sing them with my kids, hoping that they would always remember to have a thankful heart.

And then they grew older. While they still enjoy watching Veggie Tales on occasion, now they watch other movies too. We don’t sing the song anymore, and sadly, somewhere among the ever-improving technology and the peer pressure, they forgot how to have a thankful heart. These days, they tell me about all of the things they don’t have — all the gadgets, the clothing, the furniture, the toys — that if I would just buy it for them, life would be much better. But I know that’s not true, and I’ve told them so; over and over and over, I’ve told them so.

And then I wondered — have I had a thankful heart lately? “Be thankful!” I say, while I go through the day exasperated and irritated. Have they seen contentment in me?

I am so thankful for my children — for their personalities, their strengths, their quirks, their thoughts, their talents, their character, their callings — but how often do I tell them? I have to admit, it’s been a while since I mentioned how proud I am of them, or how much I appreciate them. So this Thanksgiving season, I’m going to do more than just tell them to have a thankful heart — I’m going to show them mine.