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Getting Ready to Convene

Next week is the big Southeast Homeschool Convention in Greenville, South Carolina, and I’m getting ready to be inspired! The list of speakers is an impressive one, as it includes nationally-known homeschooling veterans, authors, and advocates, such as Susan Wise Bauer, Jesse Wise, Amanda Bennett, Dr. Jay Wile, Jeannie Fulbright, Jim Weiss, and more.

The cost of the convention isn’t much — $55 covers the cost of a single family’s admission, including parents, children, and grandparents. For $1 more, teenagers can attend the Teen Worldview Seminars while mom and dad are in other workshops.

A children’s program is also being offered, but unfortunately, the classes have already been filled to capacity. I have three children with nowhere to go, then, so now it’s time to plan.

The classes are offered part of the day on Thursday, all day Friday, and all day Saturday. My husband wanted to attend some workshops as well, and we don’t have a regular sitter. I’m planning, then, to just take the kids along with me, and I found out this week that many of my friends are planning on doing the same. So it’s time to prepare.

The convention center doesn’t allow snacks to be brought in from the outside; that makes it a little tougher, since snacks can be a great diversion to kids who have to sit…and sit… and sit. But there are other things we can do.

We’re going to be packing each of my children a bag to bring along, and here’s what we’re going to put in them:

  • A blank notebook and pen for doodling or drawing
  • A puzzle, dot to dot, and maze books
  • Hidden pictures printed off the Internet
  • A coloring book and crayons
  • Reading books for the older ones
  • Small toys

I have a feeling we’ll need to be taking quite a few breaks, and I bet walking around the vendor tables with everyone in tow will be more of an adventure than I would like. But I don’t anticipate any stares or complaints or sharp looks from other conference attendees; after all, they’re all homeschoolers, and they’ve been there too.

Photo by mzacha