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The Not-So-Grand Canyon

grand-canyon3This week, I’ve been working on a couple of painting projects for my niece and her husband. They’re building a mini putt-putt golf course, and their opening day is set for May 18.

One of the projects I had to do was to paint a mural of the Grand Canyon on two adjoining walls. Not an easy job, but I had a printed photo to use as a reference, so I thought I was ready to go.

The first day we had some errands to run, and we didn’t arrive at the site until about lunch time. After a late start, I worked on one wall of that mural for hours, stopping around 8 p.m. At first it looked like a big blob, said Cassie; as the mountain began to take shape, it looked more like a volcano, Lillie insisted. Despite all of my efforts, I decided she was right. Perhaps this Grand Canyon would only be adequate.

The next morning, before we headed to the putt-putt place, we searched the internet for a better reference picture. We found one, and when I went back to work on the mural, I decided to start on the second wall. In just a little while I had another mountain up – and it looked like a mountain from the canyon. The color scheme was totally different, though, and the two walls didn’t match at all.

It didn’t take long to figure out the first painting had to be re-done – covered over entirely with lighter colors. All eight hours worth of work from the previous day had to go. But some great lessons were learned in the process:

1. Find a decent reference picture before beginning a mural of the Grand Canyon and

 2. When you do a job, do it the very best you can, even if you have to do it over.

 Even if my children don’t learn the first lesson, I want them to learn the second. They saw me work hard on the painting the first day, and then they helped me paint right over it on the second. 

 It’s turning out to be a grand canyon after all.

Go, Family!

golf_ball__5_This weekend, the children and I headed to Alabama to help out my niece and her husband. They’re working on putting together an indoor putt-putt golf course, and they have quite a few projects we can help them with. So, we threw some clothes together, packed up our school books, and headed out.

I’m glad we have the opportunity to work with them, and I’m thankful the kids can be a part of it. I come from a large family, and when someone needs  something, someone else is usually available to help. Whether it’s moving, remodeling a house, or hosting a drama camp, someone will be there.

That’s not to say we don’t have family squabbles. With eight children, thirty grandchildren, and spouses, there are sure to be disagreements, squabbles, and hurt feelings. But we work (or sometimes muddle) through them, and then we’re back to supporting each other as before.

I want my children to grow up with the same mindset. I want them to remain close to each other even after they are grown.  I want them to be willing to lend a hand and help each other if they can. I want them to always know that their family cares about them and the events in their lives.

So, today we’ll be going to the putt-putt course to work on the decorations. They’re using the United States as a theme, and this past weekend they finished building a cave for Carlsbad Caverns. My son John had the opportunity to work on that project, and today he’ll be helping build wooden frames for the Redwood Forest.  Cassie and Lillie will be painting records for Graceland as I work on a mural of the Grand Canyon. We’re looking forward to working hard, making memories, and sowing good seeds for future family relationships.