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Stories for Dad

jaredmike001About six years ago, my sister told me about a gift her children gave to their dad on father’s day. It was such a good idea, we tried it the next year, and we’ve been doing it ever since. Each year, my children write a story for their father.

The characters and plot of the story is the child’s own creation, and it’s fun to see what they come up with. We’ve had stories that range from mysteries to wildlife to a bee in the trash can.

The story is as short or as long as the child wants it to be, although I’ve found that even with younger children, it can be quite long as their adventures goes on and on with many (often unrelated) twists and turns. For my little ones, I type up the story as they dictate it to me; they’ll pause every so often so I can catch up. I like to write it down exactly how they say it – I don’t correct the grammar or word choice.

My older children type up their own stories, and when everyone is done we go back and make it even fancier. I let them choose the font and color they want to use for their stories, and we print them out. But the gift’s not quite done yet.

I purchase a folder for each story (preferably white), and the children draw the covers for their stories on the front of their folders. Then we type up an author’s biography and glue it inside the back cover. The biography states the child’s full name, his age, what his interests are, and what he want to be when he grows up. Above the biography, I include a recent photo of the child.

These stories have been so much fun!  On Father’s Day, we wrap them up individually, and each child gives Dad his or her story. He reads them out loud, and we all enjoy them. Even more fun is pulling out the stories from years past and reading them again. What a great idea my sister had: a low-cost, enjoyable gift that will be treasured by Dad in the years to come.