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The Homeschool Ball

This past month, our co-op sponsored a homeschool ball,  and this was our first year attending. And I have to say, it was a lot different than a typical high school prom.

We didn’t attend the ball last year because I thought it was only intended for high school students, and at the time my oldest was in 8th grade. But this dance is for the whole family! The high school students do receive special recognition, but everyone can enjoy the evening together.

As with any formal dance, the kids dressed up — boys in suits and ties, girls in formal dresses. My girls especially enjoyed this part, as they donned their prettiest dresses and had a friend fix their hair. Preparations also involved putting together a couple of dishes, as all of the families pulled together to provide enough food for the evening.

The dance itself was a lot of fun — English country line dancing. The instrumental music consisted of a keyboard and a violin player. A caller taught everyone the steps to each dance before it began, then called them out again as the dance progressed. The whole atmosphere was  casual and relaxed, as girls took off their shoes to dance without falling, older students danced with younger siblings, and friends danced with friends.

My children all danced every dance — all of them, including 7-year-old Luke! He and I were often partners, although he sometimes danced with his sisters as well. As we went through the dance, I would listen to the caller then tell him what to do, and he caught on very quickly. Who would have thought?

No, it wasn’t your typical school dance, and I was so glad! It was an evening of good, wholesome, family fun — one of those memory-making moments that remind you just why you’re homeschooling after all. 🙂