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God’s World News

GWN_fanA couple of years ago, a friend introduced us to God’s World News. There was a group of us who had placed orders, so we received a bit of a discount. Even at full price, this supplement is well-worth it.

God’s World News is a full-color magazine featuring current world events designed for students from preschool through high school. Each issue of God’s World News contains age-appropriate articles from a Biblical worldview.

The first four magazines are monthly publications. Early Edition is designed for the youngest beginning readers, with each issue including lots of pictures and large text. Preschoolers through first graders will not only find articles and maps, but also activities and puzzles designed to help build number and sequence skills. 

Taking Off is the magazine for children in grades 2 -3. These also include news stories, maps, and puzzles. While you may find the same story in Early Edition as you do in Taking Off, each is written with the age of the audience in mind.

News Current is for students in grades 4-5. Besides the regular features found in Early Edition and Taking Off, News Current also includes editorials to encourage critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and quizzes for reading comprehension. 

Top Story is the publication for students in grades 6-9. In Top Story, students will find age-appropriate articles, editorials, word derivation, and reading comprehension quizzes.

WORLD magazine for high schoolers arrives bi-weekly and includes national and international news articles; editorials and commentaries; political cartoons; movie, television, music, and book reviews; and detailed coverage of issues relevant to Christians today.   

If you’d like to try God’s World News, I’d encourage you to get an age-appropriate issue for each of your children. The company offers large discounts when multiple orders are placed, so if you have friends who are interested as well, that’s even better. It’s a resource I know we’re going to sign up for again this year.