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Colloidal Silver

Living in the country near wooded areas, we often come across poison ivy around our home. Sometimes the children come across it before I do, as was the case when my daughter, then five, broke out with a reaction. What started on her arms soon spread to her chin and cheeks. Not having much experience with poison ivy, I searched the internet for advice and information.
Some of the sites I found recommended using colloidal silver. It’s created by binding silver particles to water with an electric current, forming a natural antibiotic that can be used against infections. The silver disables an enzyme that bacteria, viruses, and fungi need to produce oxygen, in essence suffocating them. I couldn’t find any harmful side effects.
So why hadn’t I heard of it before? Apparently, colloidal silver was a common remedy until the mid-1930s, when it fell out of use. I decided it was worth a try, so I purchased a small bottle at the health food store.
Colloidal silver comes with either a spray tip or a dropper, so I chose the spray. I squirted the silver all over my daughter’s arms and face and told her not to wipe it off at all. We did this several times that day.

When I checked her the next day, the rash had stopped spreading and appeared to be improving; the following day showed even more improvement. By the end of the week, it had cleared up so much that it was difficult to tell she had ever been infected.

Since that time, we’ve found a lot of uses for our little bottle of silver spray. We apply it to minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. We spray it in our mouths when we come down with colds. I’ve even applied it to sores and cuts on our pets, and it works just as well. I read online where others have used it for sinus infections, sore throats, acne, boils, and athlete’s foot.

A word of caution, however: don’t overdo it. Apparently, California resident Paul Karason not only rubbed it on his skin, but he also drank so much of it that it’s turned his skin blue.