Helpful Homeschooling Sites

As I’ve been working on plans for the new school year in the fall, I’ve come across some homeschooling sites with lots of great information. Here are a few of them: – Even if you’re not from Oklahoma, is a great site to look through as you’re planning your new school year. Written by Cindy Downes, you’ll find information for parents just beginning to homeschool, such as a discussion about what homeschooling is, how to choose curriculum, and teaching the basic subjects. She also offers free unit studies, homeschooling forms, and checklists.

PEAH’ – Though the name of this site suggests it’s a curriculum site, it’s actually so much more. Here you’ll find lots of general information about homeschooling, including how to begin, finding help, testing, and legal information. Then there are the links for curriculum help, including reviews and unit studies, as well as help with math and science. One of my favorite features of this site can be found on the contact page, where visitors can ask questions and receive help from both the author of the site and other visitors.

All In One Homeschool Resource Center ( — If you’re looking for a site that can direct you to other resources on the web, this is one to check out. Featuring links to articles related to homeschooling, support groups, and teaching a special needs child, this website will help you find the information you need.  You can also click on the links to sites about homeschooling books, books for kids, and educational games.

With so much help available on the Internet, parents can feel more confident as they plan their schedules for the 2010-2011 school year. The resources available on the web keep increasing every day, and it’s fun to receive emails from homeschooling friends telling me about great sites they’ve found. Do you have a favorite homeschooling site?

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