A Much-Belated Birthday

My daughter Cassie turned 11 in January, but this year she decided her birthday was just too close to Christmas. She asked if she could delay the celebration until later in the year — she wanted to make the fun (and gifts) last longer. While we did have a small party for her on her actual birthday with her grandmother and a few presents, we decided to wait until springtime to have the bigger party.

The plan was to invite family over for a couple of days in May (yes, much, much later than January!) for strawberry picking, a visit to the city’s children’s museum, a picnic, and cake and ice cream. As the dates drew near, though, things just didn’t work out as we had thought, so we made a new plan. Instead, Cassie and I went to the mall (somewhere we rarely go) with a special friend and her mom.

The evening began with supper at Subway in the food court; we then spent the next two hours visiting only two stores. The girls tried on outfits and accessories and had so much fun! We hadn’t bought Cassie any birthday presents, so she took along her birthday money, extra from her other grandmother, and some she had saved, and picked out all of her own presents.

It was interesting watching her choose what to buy. She wants a new comforter for her bed, so she kept that in mind as she made her decisions. The outfit she wanted was too much, she thought, until our friends offered to share their coupon, which made the outfit very affordable. She also purchased a pair of sunglasses that were on sale, a purse, some headbands, and a pair of earrings. All in all she spent her money very wisely, as she came away from the mall with some nice things and money left over.

It was strange waiting five months for her birthday, and I don’t plan on ever doing that again. But it was a fun evening and a good celebration — just what a birthday should be.

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