A Gentle Reminder

DSCF5054This year, I was going to be ready for Christmas early. I had finished much of my shopping after Thanksgiving, and I was going to have all my Christmas cards addressed and ready to go by the first of December. And to add a special touch, I was going to make the cards or have the children help me make them. I planned on printing photos of the family to include in the cards as well.

But then, one day slipped by, then another, and another, until finally it was too late to send the cards — again. Too late for the cards to arrive in time for Christmas, too late to send a holiday greeting to friends and loved ones that we don’t see very often. Another year, and another missed opportunity.

But is it? I could set my cards aside, and plan on doing better next year. But then, would I let another year pass by before I sent them a note saying I’ve been thinking about them?

But Christmas isn’t a deadline — it’s a reminder. A reminder for people like me who, in the day-to-day busyness of life, too often forget what matters most. It’s a reminder to reach out those we care about and to care about those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s a reminder to do those things we should have been doing all year, but may have let slip by.

And most importantly, it’s a reminder of God’s most precious gift to us, His Son, Jesus. It’s a reminder that He sent Jesus to die and rise again so we might spend eternity with Him. It’s a reminder of His incredible love for mankind, a love He wants us to share with each other.

So the cards may not go out on time this year, but I’ll still send them out — and I’ll remember.

4 thoughts on “A Gentle Reminder”

  1. The time the cards are mailed will be perfect. It is after the holidays when people really have time to consider and reflect a bit. The sharing and relational heart of our heavenly Father is beautifully reflected in taking time to communicate and connect. The recipients of your cards will be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Samantha. We often talk ourselves out of doing things because we don’t have time to add all the glittering details we think will make it special. But I received a lovely letter from an elderly lady last week telling me how she treasured the very imperfect things I did bother to send. It is very humbling. Wishing you a happy new year, and plenty of time to reflect on what is truly important. 🙂 lara

  3. That’s so encouraging, Lara! It is the thought that counts! I have some dear friends in Japan who always send us beautiful cards during the holidays; when we didn’t make any cards ourselves, I began searching the stores for the “perfect” card. I didn’t find it — so I’ll be sending them a handwritten letter instead. But I think it will be more meaningful!

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